Vinyl wallpaper is far less porous than wallpapers made from paper or fabric. -Peel away the backing paper, stick it to the wall & smooth it on with your hands. This vinyl paper is peel & stick, meaning no water or paste is required! Our WallSkins will never damage your wall. *This is for 1 double roll; measures 20.8 Inch by 32.8 Feet; covers a total 56.8 square feet Our timeless wallpaper displays elegance along with a wide range of colors and designs to help enhance your home and work space. -100% Earth friendly & 100% non-toxic. -Never vinyl or "Stickerish". Can I Cover Brick and Stone with Wallpaper? *Good Lightfastness Offering a fun and fresh way to decorate, Peel and Stick Wallpaper is printed on high quality vinyl that is repositionable and removable, making it a go-to, budget-friendly choice for both temporary and permanent projects. You can introduce bold colors, interesting patterns and artistic finishes in just a matter of hours. 30 inch Repeat. In addition to being available in an incredible range of colors and patterns, vinyl also comes in marvelous textures. The KRISTAL brand is synonymous with clear, modern designer wallpaper in restrained yet expressive colours, the inspiration for which is drawn from nature. Plus, they perfectly align with your love of mid-century modern style. Remove and repositionand free of sticky residue. Update your walls with this unique tree wallpaper. every 120" w Families with active children appreciate this feature, and it allows the wallpaper to last longer. This wallcovering is packaged and sold in a double roll that is 20.5" wide x 33" long. Faux Wallpaper: Interior Decorating’s Original Darling, Why You Need to Pay Attention to Wallpaper Repeat, Difference Between Pre-pasted and Non-prepasted Wallpaper. A Complete Guide to Buying Grasscloth Wallpaper, Understanding the Different Types of Matches. You can now invest in vinyl wallpaper that provides you with several important benefits. Let the professionals install your new wallpaper for a seamless finish that you’re sure to love. To apply, peel away the backing to expose the water-based adhesive. Rustic Wood Tile Geometric Wallpaper, Blue, Bolt. Whether you opt for geometric patterns for a teenager's bedroom, classic floral motifs for the living room or stylish stripes with a matching floral trail for the kitchen - this collection has something to offer for every interior style. Dress that naked wall in our DIY fabric peel & stick WallSkins. EASY APPLICATION: Wallpaper borders are prepasted - dip in water to activate. Peelable. The black variation has a matte damask design with a shiny background. This re-positionable wallpaper is designed and made in our studios in New Jersey. Cover problem walls add a desirable wooden detail to walls and enjoy your new look in the paint hue of your choice with this affordable wall covering. Those who like a stone look or glitter effect will absolutely love these wallpapers too. Can't Decide Between Wallpaper and Paint? They're seriouse strips of coolness. Anything’s possible when you choose to have your walls covered with vinyl. Bring the glories of nature into your home with peel and stick wallpaper from RoomMates. However, it’s seen drastic improvements over the years. How Many Square Feet In A Roll Of Wallpaper. Perfect for the modern home, this vintage city map of New York has an industrial style. Is It Cheaper To Paint Or Wallpaper A Room? *Shimmering lines with beautiful glittering flecks and drops The thicker wallpaper can easily hide these flaws and make your walls look perfect. MATERIAL: Vinyl coated Pre-pasted, Washable, Strippable. Perfect for living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and laundry. When it's time to redecorate, remove in full strips without damaging painted walls or leaving any sticky residue behind. Goodbye Moon Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Aegean Green and Metallic Gold. Vinyl coated wallpaper has a paper base that is treated with a chemical form of vinyl, such as acrylic vinyl. This is a modern-style damask wallpaper that comes in two color variations. This options is the weakest of the three but can still be used in most rooms of the house, even the bathroom as long as it's above the wainscoting. Do your walls have imperfections in them? Made in Italy The highly textured relief of this wall covering creates a striped wood paneling effect that is totally color customizable. The chic design features a powder blue background with bright orange flower buds. Vinyl coated wallpaper has a paper base that is treated with a chemical form of vinyl, such as acrylic vinyl. The coating adds an extra layer of protection from humidity and moisture. Wallpaper is durable, beautiful and easy to clean. Grease and dirt usually won’t pose a problem for these durable papers, so you can install them almost anywhere in your home or business. Mother-of-pearl, champagne, cashmere, silver and blazing red tones create a charming and attractive atmosphere. - Straight design match; Pattern repeat every 20.8 Inch Coated in a fabulous geometric print, this paintable wallpaper has global-chic appeal. Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper, consists of a thick woven fabric base that is used instead of paper. Our wide collection ranges from whimsical designs to classical elegance that will bring any room to its full beauty and serenity. Applications on flat and matte paints and textured surfaces are not recommended. Old Vintage City Map New York Wall Mural comes on 4 panels. Vinyl wallpaper is amazingly easy to clean. 24"w x 108"h Covers 108 square feet. Its patented self-adhesive back leaves behind zero residues. Simply peel and stick on any smooth, flat surface. Metallic gray trunks add a slight shimmer. Beautiful banyan motifs pop in white and coral. This makes it a top choice for children’s bedrooms. Recommended for: bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways, dining rooms, family rooms, entryways, offices, libraries, recreation rooms When you’re considering how to finish the walls in your home, look beyond paint and consider a more impressive finish. If you’re particularly worried about hiding problem spots, then heavily textured paper is the right choice. For example, if you have a wall that is 8 feet wide, you would need to order 4 sheets (you will receive sheets 1 through 4 as shown in the illustrated diagram). -Adheres to 99% of surfaces including drywall, wood, tiles, and glass. Genevieve Gorder x Tempaper removable wallpaper is Type A fire-rated for flame spread and smoke developed. Simple and affordable, give walls, decor and accessories a refreshing transformation with very little effort. Paste not included. It is prepasted, washable and peelable vinyl. Additional Information It will help create an elegant look in a living room, bedroom, office or den, and makes the perfect complement to any decorative scheme. Drop Match. Get Creative And Stand Out. Add a pop of color to your walls with this vivid banyan tree wallpaper. Pull off the wall in full sheets when it's time to redecorate: no sticky residue or damage left behind. Some building materials and home décor items are made with harmful chemicals. The designs are printed onto an adhesive-backed fabric that can be removed, repositioned, and reused. I kinda think we're magic. Vinyl wallpaper consists of a base and a vinyl film that is layered on top. These liners are available in a variety of weights to help cover wood paneling, or smooth out rough, damaged, or textured walls. Just keep in mind, it can tear and scratch easily. The whole collection revels in the opulent, neoclassical Versace style. It can usually be wiped off with a damp rag to leave it looking fresh and clean. Small cracks, uneven areas and poor finishes will show through a simple coat of paint, but you can hide all of these problems when you cover the surface with vinyl paper. Covers 28.29 square feet. Peony Flower Mural Wall Art Wallpaper, Peel and Stick, Pink, 24"x96", The overall pattern repeats every 5 sheets. Measures 9ft 10in x 7ft 10in when assembled. *Extra Washable This is the option that most people think about when they're searching for vinyl wallpaper. The emblematic classical decors Greek Key and Barocco are Versace hallmarks and were used for these luxury wallpapers. Packaged and sold in single spools Bring the natural world into your home with peel and stick wallpaper from RoomMates. Our timeless wallpaper displays elegance along with a wide range of colors and designs to help enhance your home and work space. Paste required; apply to wallpaper Product works best when applied to surfaces that have been primed and painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish. It is prepasted, washable and peelable vinyl. What are your walls wearing. Like all of our on-trend wallpaper patterns, this modern design and color palette pairs well with contemporary spaces and updates traditional rooms.