Meanwhile synthetic base oils have the same molecular structure and size. Here at OCLS, we choose to calculate the fluid’s kinematic viscosity using a series of Houillon Viscometers. Oil is a non-Newtonian fluid, which means that its viscosity is not constant – it cannot be described by a single number – it varies. |About Us In general, if more paraffin is contained, VI is higher and if more naphthene is contained, low temperature characteristics is excellent. ...Vacuum Transformer Mobile Oil Treatment Plant / Insulating Oil Portable Oil Purifier Description of transformer oil purifier High Vacuum transformer oil treatment is mainly used for removing trace water, gas and impurities from insulating oil, improving ... ...100KV Transformer Oil Tester Kit I. water 10cSt. transformer oil dielectric strength tester, Sino-NSH Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd, SINO-NSH OIL PURIFIER MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD, Chongqing HOPU Filtration Plant Manufacture Co.,ltd, HOPU Transformer Oil Purifier Machine Manufacture Co.,ltd. A high VI means that viscosity changed little by temperature variation. We doesn't provide viscosity of transformer oil products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. Introduction: Insulating oil in electrical power apparatus serves two primary roles, as an insulator and a coolant. The oil used in the transformer is a key element to check the physical condition of the unit. Sae-10 motor oil 350cSt. we have buyer assistants who speak English, French, Spanish......and we are ready to help you anytime. It is also suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of samples with high wax content or... ...Automatic Oil Test Equipment Petroleum Resin Kinematic Viscosity Tester The device is reliable to use for measuring kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum or plastic resin products. Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445/ISO3105): 1 centi-Stoke (cSt) = 1 mm 2 /s. |Help viscosity, PH. Viscosity is a very important property of oil that allows it to protect the internal workings of a machine by creating a thin film of oil between moving parts. For example, water has a viscosity of about 1 cSt. Other factors effecting density includ chemical composition of transformer oil, heat, thermal conductivity of transformer oil, viscosity, kinematic and dynamic thermal diffusivity. All rights reserved. We doesn't provide viscosity of transformer oil products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. kerosene 20cSt. This allows a viscosity index to be calculated, where viscosity at other temperatures can be determined. |关于我们 This is obtained through comparison and conversion on the assumption that the VI of base oils produced from Pennsylvania crude oil with excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics is 100 and the VI of base oils produced from Gulf Coast crude oil with poor viscosity-temperature characteristics is 0. In the last five decades in India, there is a drastic change in production technology. Viscosity can be affected by many factors and so regular monitoring is essential. |联系我们. For viscosity, it is required to measure SUS using the device below and put the second before alphabet N. For instance, if the SUS is 150 seconds, it would be 150N; and if the SUS is 500 seconds, it would be 500N. An average engine oil has a viscosity of about 100 cSt. It is measured by dividing the flow time of sample oil of 60cc. In contrast, the lower the temperature is, the higher the viscosity is. In case of mineral base oils, the molecular size and structure change by external factors over the period of use, leading to a viscosity change in the end. But synthetic base oils are relatively very resistant to external factors because of the same molecular size and structure (high binding energy), resulting in slowing the viscosity change. Reference Object 1 to 5cSt. Then, let’s take a close look at the SUS viscosity that generally indicates the viscosity of base oils. ChongQing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., LTD, Chongqing NAKIN Electromechanical Co., Ltd, Chongqing Fason Purification Equipment Company, Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Severely hydrotreated oils can serve as base oils, insulating (transformer) oils, or process oils. Which follows that a high viscosity value indicates a thicker oil. For automotive lubricants, empirical SAE Viscosity Classification (SAE Standard J 300) is used.​. The transformer oil should have _____ volatility and _____ viscosity. The kinematic viscosity is the ratio of the viscous force to the inertial force (or density). The measured temperatures are 100℉, 130℉, and 210℉ and mostly used for the viscosity of base oils (in the U.S.). Electricity is a key part of everyday life, from powering lights and heating food through to moving things in the environment, electrical power is required everywhere. Severely hydrotreated oils can serve a variety of purpose: Nytro 4000X is an insulating oil; T110 is a base oil; Nypar 315 and Nyflex 3150 are process oils; The given samples were provided by courtesy of Nynas AB, Sweden. Quality Suppliers| ​. Copyright © 2009 - 2020 It is measured by dividing the flow time of sample oil of 200cc by the ratio of the flow time of water at 20℃.