The last time that the crops failed, the entire nation experienced months of _______. D 2. When Craig’s dog was struck by a car, he rushed his pet to the ______. Discover 15 secret strategies that will raise your score on any multiple choice exam regardless of the subject. d. Disease. <> Scholarship Using Context Clues . Vocabulary Interactive Quiz. The sentence contains the clue that “nothing made you feel happy,” so … b. Decimal Your email address will not be published. d. Fingers and toes. If you are a volunteer or non-profit organization, we are happy to provide test prep materials at reduced or no cost. English Essentials Plus. c. Plenitude Helicopter Add Your Course The context clues in these sentences should help define the underlined word. a. Fungicide 2. Immune ADJECTIVE protected by inoculation, or due to innate resistance to pathogens. . a. Famine Online Practice Courses To The STudenT Vocabulary Learning exercises. This comment has been removed by the author. c. Sprinkler b. When Joe broke his _______ in a skiing accident, his entire leg was in a cast. Each module consists of three tasks: the first two present vocabulary items in context, each with a practice or recognition exercise, and the third gives you the opportunity to review the vocabulary in a gap-fill exercise. Completing the Sentence 1. extols 2. belligerent 3. jeopardy 4. impervious 5. nostalgia 6. quintessence 7. feasible 8. cursory 9. scrutinized 10. averse Friends About Complete Test Preparation Inc. ... Answer Key. This Vocabulary Power workbook gives you the practice you need to expand your vocabulary and improve your ... Unit 1. how would you even be here at this website if you wern't looking for the answers yourself. of the meter/metre, the kilogram, the second, the ampere, the kelvin, the • Pages 105 – 124 contain a comprehensive key so you can check your answers. ]��{x��l�����i�>������_�89��HK?�1_���|x��n��LB���L)K�b;�~�닅�?�uZ��Dsr������ˍbc�)]f&!7� a. 4. D Femur NOUN A thighbone. bruh are yall dumb they just mean the answers are all wrong not that its wrong to look up answers, this is horribly incorrect dont use this for a good grade, i think why people think its wrong is because they are on the wrong unit or level or something because i always get these right besides like two, 2017 Hawks Homework. Voices and Values 2/e. Reading-Writing Plus. Practice your understanding of Words in Context questions with the help of our quiz. Note that each statement is an example of a certain type of context clue. 3. b. Harvest um sir or ma'am some people just need the answers in life and you can take you lil' snitch booty away. All trademarks are property of their respective trademark owners. English Plus. Clear Thinking and Writing Plus. 6. Meaning in context is guessing the meaning of a word by considered together with the surrounding words or circumstances. d. Pesticide. c. Metric Using Synonyms . b. c. Veterinarian Vocabulary Placement Test. Famine NOUN a period of extreme shortage of food in a region. This is very wrong. C d. Cousins. d. Subway car. Focus on Vocabulary 1 Student Book Answer Key. Grammar. 10. if its so wrong then why are you on the site checking it out??? This Download Contains: ♦ 2 pages of vocabulary activities ♦ Answer Key . ���S������ �i6��S~?_��M�����۷O�4%G�{�X��ן��;w1q�?�Ov��Г�Ӕ�,�����-m������O��$�K�������98�7�����K�n�{ i��n�z&�%M3=�/�_'�,���Fr��U�KYjN1��s�Ҭ/&�ho�w˜��#6�խ�@�u�����g�B�3��=�k�iaO�%4������,5$�Y>�iύ!��LJ`'��zJ&��'$]!o ��%��[����]?94���Y�顑�{���y�h�u�.G�5�6�vn}�$A$������=�U�")�'��"���$���yY�#�y3�2�u6�m\ռ؇_桼u��$�x+~�l}�~�wWͶ��!9����Hv���"��P3��\R�_��ρ$��v}�|�^��ܙ��m�,R���C|;������`Z^6%i�P�Vϲ�^*ѪaY� �Q5��噐�b=. 9. Just do the work yourself; no other sites have it. Vocabulary workshop answers, vocabulary answers, vocab answers, vocab. x��]M��q.K)R*12�ТEk�ɻI�0����*�ܜ���ɉ]�*�����4f t���ξ*�tY�;�0�������ź������9����^̗)���Q~���������N�\����//�eY�]`O���;�h�~x�LJ����'�?}���}0�)��{;]�|���/��K#.'k/1-�1�!��/џ�����|O7�!�4@�3����y��8?�����˜�[>?�K�n���?�)����}6O���/n�֋+����_~�#߀����\B�q�F�M���^�nv)�?�9�$��߭k�)�����~~? Visit our Learning Center for Online Courses, Free Quizzes, Practice Tests and more! Metric System a system of measurements that is based on the base units Tip #2: Predict the Answer. a. Uncles b. Boredom b. Theme images by. As it is used at the beginning of paragraph 1, the word blundered most nearly means: A. tripped B. erred C. connived D. mistook E. careened The correct answer is B. c. Travelling 9. She was a rabid Red Sox fan, attending every game, and demonstrating her _______ by cheering more loudly than anyone else. Video Contest. Which of following examples can Synonym be applied to? After she received her influenza vaccination, Nan thought that she was _______ to the common cold. Complete Test Preparation Inc. provides unofficial test preparation materials for a variety of examinations without warranty of any kind. d. Athletics. Taken outside of context, you would most likely choose Choice A, as the word blundered literally means "tripped" or "stumbled. Charities we Support 3. c. Vulnerable Circle the letter of the answer that best completes each sentence. 8. Unit 2. Vocabulary. 1. FAQ "However, the word blunder also means to make a d. At risk. 5 0 obj check yourself and stop nosing around. a. Schoolwork Although he had flown many times, this was his first flight in a _______. 10. D d. Enthusiasm. %PDF-1.4 Contact Us It shows examples of definition/explanation context clues, synonym/restatement context clues, antonym/contrast context clues, and inference context clues. 3 Answer Key 1. C Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. About Like this product? Pesticide NOUN a substance, usually synthetic although sometimes biological, used to kill or contain the activities of pests. Enthusiasm NOUN intensity of feeling; excited interest or eagerness. A Basic Written English Test—Form A.