The coach tosses balls to the setter which the setter sets to an outside hitter. Encourage blockers to be efficient with movement to decrease the likeliness of fatigue. At the signal, the blocker jumps up and touches the ball with both hands as if executing a block. Become a JVA Member. Volleyball blocking drills help your team win more by putting your team in a position to stop the ball from crossing the net and also funnel the ball to the defense. This is because it gives... Cross-Over Step Drill. 2. The purpose is for the blocker to work on blocking with good form. A ball is tossed from behind the blocker to a hitter on the opposite side of the court. Purpose This is a drill where players get to work on both timing and footwork whenblocking. The blocker should be angling their hands and arms so that when the ball is blocked it rebounds off the blocker into the court. A common technique for jousting is to just hold your ground when you first make contact, wait, and then push through. The block is very similar to the line block, expect the player's location is further inside. Volleyball Blocking Drills - Mixing Up Line Shots and Angle Shots Players should develop their own unique strategies for trying to win a joust. Outside blockers leave the line open and block the angle shot. Hi, my name is Mike Diehl and I have been a professional indoor volleyball player for the past 15 years. If the setter sees the middle take a step one way, she should go the other way with the set. Start from the middle and either perform a block jump or move laterally to block an outside hitter. I won the NCAA championship at UCLA in 1993, was the Bud-Light 4 Man MVP and First Team All-American at the 1989 Junior Olympics. Any balls that are blocked into the other court count as a point. VariationsThe coach can hit consecutively down the line. Karch Kiraly - Passing Technique - Courtesy of The Art of Coaching. Side to Side Blocking. As an Amazon Associate we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. A coach or designated player across the net from each blocker past the 3-meter line, Each person tossing balls should have access to a supply of balls to toss. Volleyball Blocking Drills Preventing your opponents from scoring is just as important as launching a point-scoring attack against them. The players have the choice of blocking or trying to push the ball through the block. The blocker tracks the hitter and times the block accordingly. This drill keeps blockers honest to be able to cover their area in the event a ball is popped up into the air. The point is to work on winning the "50/50" ball. Russ Rose Solo Blocking and Reading Drill. It's important to realize the purpose of blocking isn't necessarily to prevent the ball from crossing the net. Here are some volleyball blocking skills, drills and training tips to help you improve and bring your A-game next time you step on court! Preventing your opponents from scoring is just as important as launching a point-scoring attack against them. The #1 sports team management app makes communication and organization a breeze. Have them practice executing single and multi-step movements along the net (shuffles, cross-overs, etc. In the clip below Brian Rosen, Carolina Juniors Volleyball Club Assistant Director and Coach; Davidson College Assistant Coach; demonstrates a blocking drill that incorporates transitioning off the net and attacking. Oct 18, 2018 - Volleyball - Blocking skills, technique and drills. Often, players will return to base and then attempt to get back to hit. Volleyball Skills & Drills Good defense in volleyball starts with blocking. Volleyball Blocking Drills Volleyball blocking in the beach and indoors are completely different. Copyright Text 2018 by Volleyball Expert. Hopefully, these volleyball blocking drills will help you accomplish more as a team and as a player. Use these 5 volleyball blocking drills to ensure your team is ready to set that big block when the game is on the line. Daily secrets on how you can instantly improve your volleyball coaching skills. Volleyball blocking in the beach and indoors are completely different. Middle blockers work on being disciplined and staying in base – seeing the ball, chasing it down and putting up a solid, well-formed block. Outside blockers should be focused on the attacker across the net. Volleyball blocking drills aren't just for developing good blocking skills, blocking drills can also be used in conditioning. To block a volleyball, you need to be ready to react once the setter begins to set the ball. Defense to Hitting Transition Practice the transition from digging a ball to getting a good swing. Volleyball Blocking Drills for Footwork Three Step Block Drill. Become a member today to view this content and receive more resources and support for your junior volleyball club. Players will find that it's often thesecond player that pushes that wins the joust. Synopsis: This is a drill for working on the foundational blocking footwork which can be incorporated quite easily into a warm-up routine. 4 Blocking Drills. Jonathan Neeley, Volleyball Instructor. This drill can be used for specific blocking movements. Volleyball Block and smash 8 Block Drills The player with the ball throws the ball up towards the net, setting themsleves up to then try and smash th... Cross Step To Block 2. category: 8-Block-Drills.