Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ("Submit Worksheet") and print the page to have the exercise and the answers. Here are some example questions and answers: - … By Vanda51 This is a mini book for teaching wh-questions. Questions exercises: what, where, when, who, whose, which, how . = WHAT is it? Check out this list of wh- question examples, including who, what, when, where, why, which, and how. WH Questions. Two... 9,092 Downloads . Site Search. TOTALLY 698) LUTHER KING ... 860) ANSWERING QUESTIONS OF HOW LONG AGO ... 870) 30 QUESTIONS ANSWER 871) EXERCISES PAST SIMPLE 872) FOOD AND DRINKS 873) SIMPLE ... >>> … These are the WH question words (WHy, HoW etc) that we use to make question word questions. 2. Selon le contexte What se traduit par : quel(le), que, quoi, qu' -> Pour rechercher le pourquoi: Pourquoi es-tu triste? About Me. Who are you? The first question had an answer of yes or no (Yes, I am from Canada). Below is a list of question words and example sentences:Question … 1. Grammar exercises lower intermediate level esl. GrammarBank Exercises eBook: $7.99 - Children's eBooks: $6.99 - Download and Print Instantly! Wh- questions and answers in English Les WH Questions . WH-questions are questions starting with WH-words including: what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why and how.Question words are used to ask about specific qualities, times, places, people and so on. 1. Now, take a look at similar question, but with a WH word: Where are you from? Interrogatives in English This post titled Wh Questions with Definition, Uses, Formation and Examples focuses on Wh questions, as a form of interrogation. = WHO is this man? a. because I'm sick. The second question could have many different answers (Japan, Brazil, Poland, etc.). = WHY are you sad? During this English lesson you will how to ask questions using the words that begin with the letters 'wh' or use them in the word.The lesson shows 8 questions words and what each one means and how to use it in a simple sentence. After them, we use auxiary verb and subject. The interrogatives-- Who, Which, What, Where, etc WH question words exercises with answers 1 Chart showing how to ask WH information questions with CAN and how to answer them short or long. Les différents types de WH ->Pour rechercher l'identité d'une personne: Qui est cet homme? --> She lives in NewYork. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers. This is the difference. One is open and the other is closed. Answer the Wh- questions about the story. See Our eBooks; … These wh question words are at the beginning of the sentence. Where is your house? WH- questions (Question Words)There are two main types of questions: Yes/No questions and WH- question. By ekillin This is an "About Me" mini-essay that uses *to be, *simple present, and allows for opportunities of eliciting and practicing wh … WH Question Words. 2. Who is used in questions to ask about people.Here are some examples of Wh question that start with who:. Wh Question Examples. WH - questions (English for beginners) Level: elementary Age: 6-10 Downloads: 2154 : Verbs to be and to have got - Simple Present - Affirmative, negative and Interrogative forms (6) Level: elementary Age: 9-12 Downloads: 1630 : Basic Wh- Questions (1) Level: elementary Age: 11-12 Downloads: 1560 Match the questions to the answers. It includes simple explanations and example sentences followed by a simple activity to go... 8,988 Downloads . -> Pour rechercher la nature d'un objet: Qu'est-ce que c'est? Wh questions and answers in English. The post looks at the definition, uses, structure some examples and exercises with answers. How are you? Print This Page. Question words wh sometimes called Interrogative word English lesson Question words using wh with examples and how to use them. WH questions - English WH questions : free exercise for ESL/EFL learners. GrammarBank PDF eBooks Click Here. This page lists their functions and gives example senyences. Free grammar exercises online. GrammarBank.com. WH QUESTIONS TO ANSWERS Recommended pages from our site - Selected by our team. Wh-Question Words. We don't use yes or no in the answer. 1. Who. Example Sentences: " Where" question asks for the place: Where does she live? Wh questions are types of question that usually begins with the ‘wh’ element. GrammarBank.com. Forming WH Questions with CAN, how to answer short and long: Related Subjects: Can Yes/No Questions-Answers Can Can't … Where do you meet your friends? Questions and answers exercises: elementary level.