I just dumped mine, I had two in my life they are bad out dated guitars. The thing is that a Gibson is still a dream for a lot of people. Squiers. My first acoustic was an Applause and was given to me by my grandfather, it's an amazing guitar and my first acoustic. They have guitars that go for $3000 plus and are better guitars than any person commenting on this board will ever have the opportunity of even being in the same room with (including myself) Who would have thought?! A "crapshoot" was one of the comments. However, their guitars can be considered their best feature. Gretsch is a licenes name. The PRS ASMpro cherry red looks almost exactly like it and that is what I own now as my generic player - what a great instrument for my $$$! I'm actually very pleased with the guitar. Would rather watch Pearl Harbour on a loop than play one of these. Welcome to Glarry. The best guitar I ever held in my hands. They basically remove the tail block to add the battery pack.Factory service is a joke. I can't name the exact model, but it was worth a lot more then I had expected. Loaded with all kinds of adornments like binding, flame top, etc. Any in the standard series or better are wonderful! I( picked one up in a pawn shop, totally ignorant of the brand, quality, string action, etc. Amazing buy for the money you pay for one used or new. I would tell you that not everyone gets to race formula 1 either. Glen Burton is an American guitar manufacturing company that has been known to make some excellently designed and crafted models … Their guitars are strong and light, while they also provide players with accessories that can come in quite handy like a gig bag, guitar picks, as well as a digital clip-on tuner with most of their models. Good guitar if you stand up and use a strap. All the money goes into the finish and nothing else. I will be replacing the alleged Grover tuners with real Grover lockers. I just watched a PBS special of Hulabaloo. I purchased a Glarry Telecaster for my son as a gift as he had the same electric guitar since he was about 15 and now he is 29. Without me asking, they mailed me an amp part with an apology. SX guitars are made from good tone woods, have a good feel and sound. Because all of the good Mahogany and Brazilian Rosewood has vanished, nobody will ever make stuff approaching the quality of pre-'65 Gibsons again. Korean Gretsch's are VERY NOT BAD (if you can get past the fact they were made by a guy who probably are a Chihuahua for lunch. Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface – This Will Take Your... Elgar’s Nimrod Vocal Performance Will Make You So Emotional. The guitar brand Spectrum isn't even that horrible. Wouldn't be seen smashing one these in a video. I'm a bass player, and my first bass was an Ibanez Mikro (I started when I was young). An MD400 and an HD400. What Do You Know About Piano Conservatoires? Bridge craft USA musical instruments deal in almost all popular instruments, including but not being limited to keyboards, accordions, guitars of different kinds, such as electrical and classical, and drums. Someone recently posted about Glarry electric guitars. I strongly disagree with anyone who says SX are bad. From someone who owned a real eclipse and a real Les Paul- LTDs are cheap but ESPs are great. Gibson guitars are terrible, in my opinion. This is a beautiful, stylish and highly creative electric guitar. But I can get some pretty pleasurable tonal variety out of it, and for funky picking with harmonics and such, oh yes! at least that one would have been well made.No joke though, the best beginner guitar should be one that makes you want to pick it up and play it. Bought one last year. I say that because haven't played my Gibson, Fender, Gretsch,...in weeks!These guitars are incredible to play and sound great! Will the next great classical music composer be a computer? Poor guy" MAY I POINT OUT that they just stated how the guitar was in a poor condition but said nothing about why or how long the guitar has been played and all these essential details.The person who said "I made the mistake of buying a cheap Ashton acoustic just ...more, I have a friend who plays an ashton, and he actually thinks it's a good guitar, while he constantly has to put paper under the strings because otherwise everything above the 3th fret is literally unplayable. Fender currently does not make high-quality guitars. Completely shocking. Buy a guitar and we will send a rich gift package. I own an Ashton SL29CEQLTSB Acoustic Electric and it is simply amazing. I have owned a couple guitars in my time and I am happy to say that the sound is impressing. If you gig stear way clear. Then go get it set up! Comes in a cardboard box one would be forgiven to believe is from a knock off Lego set. It's rediculously unreliable. The sound is unique, so making it your only guitar may not work if your in a band. CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to Amazon.com products. We're talking $600+ worth of work. Dirty sounds a little muddy but that might be because I have a crappy 60 watt Peavey amp. As soon as the quality and passion is back, people will love to buy one. The company is based in Mexico, though it routinely works with musicians around the … My daughter's guitar is amazing for the price I wish I had such quality for my starter guitar. They had one high-quality division: Ovation. They're really horrible.For a good quality acoustic guitar that will last, go with Martin, Maton or BreedLove.N' the AP5 pickup system from Maton is far superior than the Taylor Expression System. Gibson look alikes with cheap Chinese pot metal components.Any day you can grab one of the millions for sale on Craigslist, or Ebay, which begs the question, why are there so many of them for resale or trade?Epis are good if you don't really have an issue with sound, or you are just looking for something that looks like a Gibson and want to risk damage to a more expensive instrument perhaps gigging. Try some others and you will see Fender is actually crap! It's my second acoustic and my favorite by far! In fact, one of them is embedded on Glarry… You might get a good one, but you might get a real dog that was worse than a Norlin stamped 'SECOND'.Norlin era stuff was Gibson's nadir.Pre Norlin stuff was fantastic, and the fifties and early 60's stuff was truly magical. It goes with the territory in a very competitive market. I have a Spectrum, and it is pretty good. I have every guitar from the unknown guitar maker, Aspen, in the early70's, to LTD's. Thing can't stay in tune AT ALL. And that's only checking this one sales venue! The electrics are made by AXL and I think the acoustics are made by Saein. The only downside is a lack of style, which I personally prefer, fashion is for sheep. They look good, feel good, but the sound is complete crap. Ask Metallica, George lynch, Atreyu and even The Rolling Stones! I LOVE THE GIBSON I HAVE J 200 AN AND I AM THINKING OF BUYING A LES PAUL! Then something strange happened, I did a little research and found some info that was stunning. Great action, wonderful sound with or without an amp. Came set up from the factory...Tuners are the only question mark but honestly, this isn't really a ding as the guitar stays in tune remarkably well. The sounds of the 60's is not a Ricky. But if you play one next to a Gibson, you see why their American counterparts are so much more money. Made in Indonesia-pretty solid and nice playing guitar. Worst guitar brand you will ever find on earth, Other Gibson fakes from India whose logotypes imitate the original have been (1) Gibsun (2) Gibsom (3) Grayson (4) Gibtone.