Infestations within buildings may originate from infested lumber, firewood, or from beetles entering from outdoors. The head is bent down and barely visible from above. This publication explains how to make those determinations. The adults are strong fliers and some are attracted to lights. Conversely, holes formed by beetles upon completing their development are packed with powder. Lexington, KY 40546-0091 The cigarette beetle has serrated antennae. The head is bent down and barely visible from above. 75057 Lethal Temperatures- Before wood is used for construction or manufacturing, most of the water is removed by air-drying or kiln drying. Both of these pantry beetles are external feeders. Lower starch levels also make it harder for the larvae to complete their development. Small numbers of beetles developing within wood may continue to emerge for up to about five years. They are most often used for control and prevention of anobiid powderpost beetles infesting joists, beams, sills, studs, and other structural elements of buildings. . You’ll find beetles in and around rugs, furs, clothing, leather, upholstered furniture, animal hides, carpeting, cracks, crevices, baseboards, seat cushions, kitchen pantries, etc. Newly emerged adults mate and lay eggs on or below the surface of bare, unfinished wood. More information: Controlling cigarette beetles in homes begins with a thorough inspection. Cigarette beetles have tiny oval-shaped bodies, measuring between 2 to 3.5mm in length. Cigarette beetles are “hump-backed” beetles that grow to be about 1/8th of an inch long. These are exit holes where adult beetles have chewed out of the wood after completing their development. Unlike the powderpost beetles discussed previously, anobiids can seriously damage beams, joists, and other structural components of buildings. Temperatures employed or for powderpost beetles would be similar to those used for bed bugs (120-135°F), although exposure times might need to be longer, e.g., up to 24 hours, depending on wood thickness. They often are a problem in newly built homes. Philanthropy & Alumni The drugstore beetle has a worldwide distribution though it is more common in warmer climates. Foreign grain beetles are one of a group of beetles that feed on molds and fungi growing on poorly seasoned lumber or wet plaster and wallboard. The cigarette beetle is one of the two most significant insects that infest food products. The entire lifecycle, from egg to reproducing adult takes 30 to 90 days. Since these beetles can infest so many types of products, inspect thoroughly. The adult beetle is a small beetle (2-3mm). Adult cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne (F.). The developing grub-like larvae inflict damage as they create narrow, meandering tunnels in wood as they feed. It is important to diagnose the problem correctly in order to avoid unnecessary effort and expense. They are sometimes confused with drugstore and cigarette beetles that also occur in homes but infest stored foods. However, even wood that is properly kiln dried may become infested during subsequent storage and transit. Not only will we help you eliminate any current infestations, but we will also work with you to take the necessary steps to prevent future infestations. Fig. All Rights Reserved. Also avoided are softwoods such as pine. Given the cigarette beetle’s penchant for food found in the cupboard, they are considered to be pantry pests. If the starch content of wood is insufficient (less than about 3 percent), the females will not use it for egg laying. Appropriately named, cigarette beetles attacks tobacco wherever it is stored. (281) 781-7650, 904 S Mill St Unlike lyctids and bostrichids, anobiid powderpost beetles can digest the cellulose within wood, and are less dependent on starch and other nutrients that decline over time. If flooring, cabinetry, etc. In older homes, foreign grain beetles may be associated with plumbing leaks, condensation problems, or poor ventilation. 859-257-4772, Students   /   In nature, they dwell in dead tree limbs or bark-free trunk scars. Food sources like stocked pantries and cupboards attract cigarette beetles. Both beetles are about 1/8 inch long, cylindrical, and uniformly light brown. ENTFACT-616: Powderpost Beetles  |  Download PDF. Like other stored products pests, cigarette beetles also infest paprika, dry dog food, beans, biscuits, cottonseed, dried fruits and vegetables as well as dried flowers, grains, herbs, peanuts, rice, yeast and even furniture stuffing. Why do I have them? Since powderpost beetles damage wood slowly, take time to consider the options available for remediation. Powderpost beetles lay their eggs only in bare, unfinished wood. These beetles are small (about 1/16-inch long), brownish, and abundant, with large numbers often observed throughout the building. Wood Replacement- Oftentimes, indications of beetle activity are limited to small sections of flooring or a few pieces of molding, trim, etc. It is prudent for wood manufacturers to inspect incoming shipments for signs of beetles before they turn them into finished products.