Other than that, maybe Thanos or someone with an incredibly powerful artifact like the Gauntlet or the Heart of the Universe. According to writer Greg Rucka in an interview about his Final Crisis: Revelations miniseries: "The sort of unspoken rule in the DCU is that God sits above all others".[1]. TOAA Above All Others. The One-Above-All's was seen taking the guise of a homeless man and was advising Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) to be with his Aunt May who was dying at the time as well as telling Peter that death is a natural part of life and we as people must learn to let those we love who are dying go when the time has come. In the years since, popular narratives have largely followed suit. For example, the voice that gave powers to the heroes Hawk and Dove, was retconned into belonging to a, Some Biblical events are assumed to be fact in the DC Universe, but they often involve significant artistic license. “Malcolm represents this belief and hope in black potential, wherever that potential may be.”, Ali also says that Malcolm saw the plight of black people in a much larger frame. He is the only being in the Marvel Omniverse with omnipotence. The DC Universe is repeatedly shown to have been created via a variation of the Big Bang and human evolution through natural selection, yet paradoxically it also has a Garden of Eden and a version of Lilith, Adam's first wife (e.g., Peter David's Supergirl series). Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. The One Above All (TOAA) is the highest power in the Marvel U. In another story, the fallen archangel Asmodel invades the Silver City with an army of Bull-Host angels and Neron's demons to claim the Throne of God, only to be told by Zauriel that the Presence was not, in actuality, truly sitting upon a throne in the highest Heaven—he was part of everything and everyone, part of Heaven and Earth and perhaps even Hell itself, and thus could never be dethroned by any rebel, be they mortal or angel. On June 6, 1964, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover sent a telegram, which later became public, to the FBI office in New York City that said “do something about Malcolm X.”. Peter did not listen to what The One-Above-All said. How this affects other aspects of the Presence has yet to be seen. These searches of attendees were a longstanding practice enacted by the NOI at their rallies and one that Malcolm had initially continued after he left the organization. “They thought this was just some small-time crime between two rivals.”. They take their power from prayers sent to them and die when they are no longer revered and ultimately forgotten. The Celestial with the same name most certainly would be defeated by them. It includes elements from multiple religions, mythologies, and modern concepts such as the Endless. When his final confrontation with Asteroth nearly left him dead, Beta Ray Bill was restored to life by a mysterious, glowing white-robed man (who was clearly one of the more anonymous representations of The One-Above-All.). Butler even had an alibi for the time of the murder: He was at home resting after injuring his leg; a doctor who had treated him took the stand during the trial. 7 Results 8 Advantages and Disdavantages DC Comics VS. Marvel Comics! DC's superhero comics have always drawn upon Abrahamic religions for plot elements - the first appearance of "The Voice" was in the 1940 origin of the Spectre - but they have traditionally used surrogate concepts and names rather than refer to the Abrahamic deity directly. In Doomsday Clock #10, Doctor Manhattan deduced the DC Universe acts as "Metaverse" in constant change, and when Manhattan created the New 52 timeline, the Metaverse decided to fight back through Wally West. 2, #40. Official Name Three Lions/Hulton Archive - Getty Images. [6], This idea was visually called back to in DC Rebirth when a hand was seen reaching through time to change history. A hint to reconcile this occurs in a Sandman issue (reprinted in Fables and Reflections) in which Cain, Abel and Eve tell a story to Daniel Hall (grandson of Carter Hall) about their past and Abel says, "Oh, this whu-wasn't on Earth, thuh thu--" before being hushed. It involves elements from multiple religions, mythologies, and modern created concepts such as the Endless. How? “Given the historical importance of this case and the fact that our client is 81 years old, we are especially encouraged that Mr. Vance has assigned two highly respected prosecutors, Peter Casolaro and Charles King, to work on this re-investigation,” Barry Scheck, Innocence Project co-founder and special counsel said in a statement.