The Whole30 is designed to help break unhealthy patterns of behavior, stop stress-related comfort eating, and reduce cravings, particularly for sugar and carbohydrates. Perhaps the publisher can make changes to save money without the authors permission. It only goes Day 1- Day 30 so unless you do it perfectly the first time, it's hard to know how to use it. One was the original style and the other was the new downgraded style. I gave up wheat and alcohol some time ago and fortunately neither my husband nor I have a sweet tooth. I only see my caregiver. So glad i purchased this Whole30 Day by Day book, it really helped me focus on the whole30 plan! Just get a long shirt and some cute flats and no one will be the wiser What’s going on inside your body, from the official Whole30 Timeline: “The enzymes that digest your food and the millions of bacteria that live in your gut are adjusting to your new intake of meat and vegetables, and the lack of easy-access sugars. The above process will allow me to journal over and over as I Whole30 again - can we use Whole30 as a verb? HECK YES YOU WILL. I really just wanted to know if this change was authorized by Whole 30. You’ve got this!! PREVIEW: The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig is a set of health-centric dietary guidelines that promote optimal well-being. Want to skip alcohol? It always gets even better. Once pasted, I then changed the “X” on each page to reflect the appropriate date and day. Where did you click to get it? I’m on day 11- I feel like it’s been all “what’s the big deal” and “tiger blood!” I feel great, and don’t really have a desire to cheat… yet ???? Whole 30 Calendar: What to expect day by day. I also get acne 1-2 days after consuming dairy. Whole30 Day 1: No Big Deal / What Have I Done? The daily emails are phased out in light of the day by day book which covers everything more thoroughly and is similarly priced. Start your exciting Keto diet for beginners journaling journey today... Click the buy button now! Whole30 program rules, the Meal Planning template, and 15 recipes from Melissa’s cookbooks. They both have the same identification number and bar code, so book sellers don't know to mark it as a different version. Look like they need to make it redirect to since it's linked a few places across the web:, I clicked on the whole30 header between 'books' and 'whole30 Approved  from the forum view and it's listed there. Additionally, the book is designed to be used daily to write your reflections about your Day By Day Whole30 progress and sadly, in the Kindle version, you can’t do this. Get Your Starter Kit Today, This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Whole30 Days 8-9 can be discouraging! ISBN: Category: Cooking. All of it? My caregiver went to Chapters to see if the problem was isolated to Amazon. Step by Step Guide to the Whole30 Diet: A Detailed Beginners Guide to Losing Weight on the Whole30 Diet, is a comprehensive guide and 7-day meal plan for those wanting to lose weight on the healthy Whole30 diet. If I get any replies, I’ll mention the process I used, rather than send them my “template.”  I can be a little obsessive - your observation about journals or notebooks is rite-on.  I’m SO proud of you. (Your email Plus, each day offers guidance for self-reflection, food journaling, and tracking your non-scale victories to keep your momentum going and help you plan for the days to come.