118, "A woman asked the Prophet (S) of Allah: 'What good (reward) is awaiting a woman who performs her duties in her husband's house?' Gratitude and appreciation are admirable characteristics in a person and it is the secret by which one may attract charitable acts. The important fact is that the mother's milk affects the baby's character and that is why "Imam Ali (a.s) stated: 'Do not choose foolish women to feed (your children) with their milk, because the milk makes their base qualities penetrated into the child'." If you are fed up with your husband, if you prefer to be a widow, or if you want to murder your husband without the risks of being prosecuted by the police -then you will not have to do much. Therefore women, through their deeds and behaviour towards their family, can determine the deterioration or progress of a nation. I get bitter about providing …//. Starting to work without your husband's permission will be detrimental to the serenity and loving atmosphere of your family. Since you are new in the area and probably not familiar with the characteristics of the inhabitants, be cautious with them. When your husband wants to go to his study room, prepare his pen, paper, cigarettes, ash-tray, matches, books, and other items he requires. The Prophet (S) stated: 'She must be obedient towards him, must not violate his orders and should not give away anything without his permission'." I have been worried about this and my suspicion has increased due to what our neighbours are saying. History tells us that the Prophet (S), one day after the wedding of Imam Ali (a.s) and Hadrat Zahra (a.s), went to congratulate them in their house and know about their welfare. Therefore, those of us who are seriously thinking of bringing up honest and good children should correct their own behaviour first. All Rights Reserved. Every time I protested she said that housekeeping was not meant for an educated woman. In the police station the woman said that, after three years of marriage, she gradually felt that she did not love her husband. When he comes home from work, you should have a meal prepared for him. The love for attaining perfection exists in all of us; and we have been created for achieving perfection. '”Now that we are under the new covenant, we are not under the penalty of the law. A child pays more attention to his parent's deeds and not so much to their words. Therefore, we must look at love from their perspective, not just our own. Fourth: If a man is deprived of a warm and friendly relationship with his spouse, he may become disheartened and may avoid his home. Disobedience to one's husband may harm one's marital relationship and vice-versa. We were created to bare his children. It is true that this way of life is unusual and seems difficult, but if the women in question ponder over the importance of their husbands' jobs, they can decide to overcome the problem through good planning, devotion, and wisdom. Therefore, dear lady! Cut your nails once a week. They are very useful in that they attract men towards their homes as well as causing their relaxation. How about dividing chores equally? Some wives, by knowing their husbands' secrets, blackmail them, and thus misuse their husbands' trust in them. Such women are truly demons in a human form. Malnutrition is a serious problem for many people and one should not overlook it or else she must be prepared to pay for the treatment of illnesses caused by it. It should be rare. But… not every husband has the strength to lead. Do not forget to be hygienic with regard to your baby's bedding, clothing, and nappies. While all of us are called to be helpers to others, the Bible places a special emphasis on this responsibility for wives. Whoever visits it, appreciates it, and admire the woman's talent and good taste. It is not keeping a secret if you tell someone about it, and ask him not to repeat it to anybody, otherwise everyone will find out about it. Being busy is enjoyable, and idleness is a source of depression. This sort of attitude is incorrect. Oh yes, she is fortunate to have a husband who loves her, he isn't like you! Even so, you were created to “help meet” his needs and one of them is his need to have a comfortable living environment. Everyone, in any job at any age and in any condition is able to progress and mature. At dinner time I spread the table cloth and placed my wife's framed certificate of high school in the middle. Such women, however, should remember not to directly interfere with the affairs of their husband, or to tell them the "do's" and the "don'ts". Therefore, anticipate his expectations and needs. I decided to reconcile with my former husband and called at his house. If permitted by the doctor, the overweight person should consume plenty of fruit, and vegetables. The statistics on divorce conclusively indicate that the compatible attitude, moral values and disposition was non-existent in the couples. For example, if you are being physically or verbally abused, you need to take steps to protect yourself and your children. Be wise and cope with his job. The wife can ask her husband about his problems and try to help solve them.