Total Denmark has a relationship with Wipro for more than 2 years. POV explains about the role and relevance of IT infrastructure services in serverless architectures. Helped Global pharma brings to life its virtual desktop infrastructure, Wipro implements centralized management using Cisco IWAN solution and APIC-EM - a network automation tool, Wipro’s cognitive computing system HOLMES, helped the tech company automate end-to-end infrastructure operations with rapid ticket resolution and faster response time, Wipro deploys an integrated delivery model with global operations centers to enhance collaboration. Cloud computing as a key technology trend is growing at an unprecedented pace. The client had a disparate setup, which included multiple technologies, processes and vendors across geographies. 9 TB of data migrated, resulting in 30-35% reduction in current spend. Considerable management goes in adhering the regulatory norms, following the security protocol of the various agencies for passenger and aircraft safety and ensuring smooth run of the day-to-day operations. This paper talks about how organisation success is led by employee success and highlights 8 critical points for the success. The teaming brings next generation data and analytics to Marketers. IoT creates renewed, agile workplaces, integrating people and technology to accelerate outcomes. Wipro implements smart sensors and predictive analytics to optimize asset lifespan, reduce maintenance costs and improve design of smart homes, Wipro’s cloud-based IoT platform improves operational efficiency, optimizes energy consumption and enhances customer satisfaction, An integrated security management system based on Wipro’s Smart i-Connect platform helps the refinery decrease security incidences and achieve faster response and resolution, Wipro leverages its network, cloud, and infrastructure capabilities to design IT infrastructure and deliver end-to-end IT lifecycle services to help integrate the complex and distributed plant, A dispatch management system integrated with automated truck license plate recognition system and ERP helps improve the delivery management processes and speeds up goods’ dispatch, Wipro deploys Desktop-as-a-service and creates an Evergreen IT roadmap to ensure a fully automated, orchestrated interface, enabling customer’s information technology consumers to review and choose services from a single point of entry, or cloud platform/brokerage based on a service catalogue and a vendor managed infrastructure (including cloud services). Cloud computing has enabled a radical shift in the way modern enterprises manage their businesses and data. Practitioners’ perspectives on infrastructure: The current needs, challenges, strategies and solutions. You’d be surprised to know that often it’s not the technology that determines success but a flexible, open workforce that calls the shots. Smart infrastructure companies globally are grappling with challenges like disruption costs, maintenance, disconnected operations and increased occupier/user expectations. Modernization of legacy applications: is this a new phenomenon or has it been around for a while? evolving and market forces are creating greater Pallet digitalization initiative enables integrated asset management, leading to cost savings, enhanced safety and efficient production planning, The financial services company transformed its infrastructure testing services by embracing Shift Left Agile approach, Sprint-based continuous testing, and test automation, A powerful automation platform helps automate infrastructure configuration and management across hybrid IT environment, leading to agility and efficiency, Wipro’s employee platforms leveraged end-user diagnostics for proactive monitoring, dynamic baselining and real-time analytics, thereby transforming helpdesk operations, and optimizing productivity and costs. For instance, we can select, order, and pay within minutes but it still takes a good amount of time to receive the item. Mike Rollo, Vice President of Global Infrastructure and the Sourcing Program Office at Pitney Bowes, shares how Wipro is the perfect strategic partner for their automation journey. Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) inaugurates its new plant for Very Large Hydraulic Cylinders in Hindupur, India. Internet of Things (IoT) is at the cusp of Digital transformation is a business transformation. high performance application environment the widespread migration of networks and datacenters to Cloud, the growth in end-user wireless devices and bandwidth hungry applications are forcing CTOs to re-examine how they architect, provision and manage their enterprise networks. Wipro is a preferred partner to major OEMs across the globe for their hydraulics requirements, Wipro partners with customers across the globe to provide solutions for the toughest industrial water and process challenges. Wipro delivers high levels of efficiency, consistency and excellent user experience to support NBN’s enterprise wide end user technology and IT Infra operations transformation. Legacy Application Modernization leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry helped the client stay compliant and ahead in a fast changing market, Migrating to a highly compliant cloud setup leveraging Wipro’s expertise in AWS led to cost savings of 47%, ‘Real Time Manufacturing’ – a manufacturing execution system on Cloud enhanced operational efficiency on the factory floor, Wipro and CloudGenix helps the multinational company optimize bandwidth utilization by 40% without additional WAN costs through SD-WAN services. Migrating to SIP trunking is a strategic decision for the enterprises. Chaos Engineering as a discipline experiments with the system in production to build confidence in its capability to respond and sustain in turbulent conditions. DevOps has brought in a fundamental change in the way the Development, Operations and Testing teams interact with each other to ensure faster, reliable and secure delivery of software. As enterprises endeavor to increase their competitive advantage and amplify their digital aspirations, a holistic view of their technology and cloud infrastructures, including the network, must be a key component of their strategy. In the article 17 reasons to build serverless data lake on AWS, we have seen the importance of having a data lake on AWS cloud using serverless components instead of an on-premise solution. The role and relevance of IT infrastructure services in serverless architectures. Gabriele Ricci, VP, Head of Digital Health and Emerging Technology shares how Wipro facilitated a seamless experience for their customers through a connected ecosystem of Health. Almost all organizations, across industries and sizes, need to have geographically dispersed employee bases. Cloud-Like Experience and Economics for Edge, Multi-domain IoT solution, transforming businesses and provides differentiated benefits to client's needs, Enabling Digital Workplace Transformation, Bring Agility to Development and Operations, Unleashing Enterprise Potential with Invisible Infrastructure, Orchestrate Digital Transformation through Smart Testing, Enabling Agility, Flexibility and Reliability, Transform workloads to avoid security and compliance risks, Efficient migration to Cloud for successful business outcomes, Power of Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack, Driving the Cloud journey with innovation and excellence, Representative Applied AI use cases of HOLMES with ecosystem, Business resilience with Wipro HOLMES™ solutions for pandemic assistance, State of IT infrastructure 2020 report #SITI2020. Automation of patch and image testing resulted in faster time to market and resolved OS upgrade related issues. Introducing Deep Learning - a paradigm where systems make accurate predictions, assessments and prioritized actionables through hierarchial representation of data. As a strategic & consultative partner, Wipro has helped to drive a collaborative ecosystem around AI and Automation, and to handhold Innogy’s digital journey, through analyzing of current landscape, discovery and prioritization of automation opportunities to increase the productivity of Data center Services to resolve Innogy’s business related issues. Learn how DevOps is much beyond Chef and/ or a Puppet definitions, Enterprise NFV: Use Cases, ROI report and Key deployment challenges. A key trend, captured in our ‘State of IT Infrastructure Report 2020’, which will be realized by ambient computing systems that send data to and from edge devices such as routers, cameras, robots, drones, sensors, medical devices, etc., to a cloud or data center.