I left the bottom open for air circulation and easy watering access. Allowing the pigment to settle in the liquid. Your email address will not be published. of flowers from various spots around Amherst, including the sides of parking lots, the side of the road, and next to bus stops. Or contact some of the natural dye shops in Portland to see if they might be interested in hosting a workshop.

I got excellent germination, then the seedlings just disappeared overnight. Here’s the bed on June 9th: Here’s a particularly lush plant on the west end of the bed: However, I noticed on June 8th that some of the plants were sending up little flower stalks already.

I hadn’t done a good job of planning out the location and rotation of the various beds this year, and all the other beds were full of other things. I had never heard of woad before! However – for our purpose – we need to harvest the woad plant in it’s first year, as it is these leaves that give us the beautiful blue dye extracted from woad. Greetins,Ritcher’s herb in Canada sells woad seed. Funny thing is that we’ve taken in a kitten, and it looks like we might keep him/her/it(more on that in another post)— and I wanted to name it Woad. I pour the liquid back and forth between three buckets for ten minutes or so. How easy is it to grow??

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is it mentioned in one of your books? Learning a lesson has a sort of bossy and authoritarian insinuation. Hey, I have a question, can you use dried herbs to prepare a blue woad pigment or is it necessary to use fresh leaves? I was there too! I never knew how to use the leaves to make dye. B. I understand that Woad is invasive in parts of the USA – it may be that you too have some growing in your area? This summer I am working on a very exciting project in conjunction with the Botanic Garden of Smith College. But the dried silk is so pale and gray that I can’t even understand what is going on. I found that woad blue was brighter and warmer than that from Indian Indigo.

Now, I realize that in order to truly compare the results of hotter versus cooler liquid, I’d need to run two vats simultaneously with all other factors being the same…. I enjoy using it and growing it in my own garden and would encourage anyone else who is interested in Woad to try it out as well. And I have read of it being used to paint by colouring egg shells blue and then making acrylic paint with the blue died shells.

Plant-based dyes & natural fibers in the Connecticut River Valley.

Again, depending on the angle and the lighting, the colors look different. Each ton of leaf produces about 2lb of indigo pigment, worth about £200”. "[30] This prohibition was repeated in 1594 and again in 1603. So, probably not club root. [16] People with modern experiences with woad as a tattoo pigment have claimed that it does not work well, and is actually caustic and causes scarring when put into the skin. [15] The use of the word for the woad might also be understood as "coloured like glass", applied to the plant and the dye made from it. Monique.

They are putting together an exhibition about dye plants called The Art and Science of Dyeing, and I am dyeing the cloth that will be featured in the exhibit!

Woad balls were often made of the leaf pulp and dried down to be crushed and reconstituted when needed.

« Christmas Mittens: Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, Thinking of Spring: Natural Dye Garden Preparation », Finding Sustainability in an Unsustainable World, Woad History from Ancient Egypt to Modern Times. Seed and pod fragments have also been found in Iron Age pit at Dragonby, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. [14] In terms of usage, Latin vitrum is more often used to refer to glass rather than woad. It’s a thrill to see that people take the time to look through it!

I coarsely shredded them, put them in another 5-gallon bucket, and poured on the steaming hot water. I haven’t tried it though. But mostly it’s easy going and reliable. it will darken the color different shades of brown, grey, and almost black, depending on how long you expose the fabric to the iron solution. last month i have thrown away so many seeds, but maybe i have anough for an experiment. My second post was about weld. 49 ($1.31/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. So happy to see the sweater off your back made it into the vat. For making green, I had decided to dye the linen and silk blue first in the woad vat that we ran on Wednesday July 10th. “…and this kitten is a berserker warrior.”.