The following are common types of window glass. (from Arabic al-anbiq, “the still”) An apparatus used for distilling. The object is then immersed in hydrofluoric acid, or a mixture of dilute hydrofluoric acid and potassium fluoride is applied to etch the exposed areas of glass. Here's a quick visual glossary of a few of the more familiar, and confounding, terms that pepper the pros' conversations when they're chatting about fenestration. An effect superficially similar to weathering can be obtained by exposing glass to fumes of hydrofluoric acid to make an allover matte surface. Muntins come in varying widths, helping to define the period and style of the window. The German term for Art Nouveau is Jugendstil. They were developed by Josef Riedel (1816-1894), who named them for his wife, Anna, and they were made from 1834. Art Deco is distinguished by simple, streamlined shapes and frequently by nonrepresentational motifs. See more. A picturesque eyebrow dormer enchants the eye with a gracefully curved roofline. bay window. open window. (from Greek) The name sometimes given to globular or pear-shaped objects with a narrow neck and mouth. We use all those phrases of, 'out of darkness into light', 'the light of our life', 'bringing light into our lives'. Art Nouveau originated in Europe in the late 1880s, and reached the peak of its popularity around 1900. The object is amber when it emerges from the lehr, but partial reheating causes the affected portion to become red or purple. What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? The process of slowly cooling a completed object in an auxiliary part of the glass furnace, or in a separate furnace. Air traps in stems are frequently tearshaped or elongated and spirally twisted. @TrevorD If you look at the OP's title it's a fair bet he/she is not a native speaker, hence it's pretty fair to assume that what is being asked is the onomatopoeic words related to broken glass. Find more ways to say window, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Find another word for glass. (Spanish), almorratxa (Catalan) A rose water sprinkler with many spouts, made in northern Spain between the 16th and 18th centuries. They may be enameled, engraved, or gilded with representations of hops or barley. Dormers are windows set into a pitched roof, or windowed structures projecting from a roof. Another word for window. About Glass, Rakow A small, vertical dormer in a steeply pitched roof is a lucarne. Making the selection of windows that suits your home is quite a tedious task which involves several criteria. Carder’s alabaster glass has an iridescent finish made by spraying the object with stannous chloride and then reheating it. (1) In Islamic art, an intricate pattern of interlaced ornament consisting of curvilinear stems and tendrils that terminate in leaves; (2) in Renaissance and later European art, a pattern of interlaced curvilinear stems, scrolls, and leaves, sometimes containing animal motifs. Here's a list of synonyms for walking on broken glass. Heated glass elements (such as canes and trails) applied during manufacture to a glass object that is still hot, and either left in relief or marvered until they are flush with the surface. A window gives life to a home and makes it perfect. Acid-etched decoration is produced by covering the glass with an acid-resistant substance such as wax, through which the design is scratched. Research, Opportunities opaque . open closed . the Region, The Shops at This includes both architectural glass used in windows and windows for transport such as a train. The term broken glass typically refers to glass which has been broken or shattered.. (from Greek), alabastrum (from Latin) A small bottle or flask for perfume or toilet oil, usually with a flattened rim, a narrow neck, a cylindrical body, and two small handles. All rights reserved. Most surviving aeolipiles, however, are Islamic; they are believed to be containers. Highly strained glasses break easily if subjected to mechanical or thermal shock. Each of these phrases suggests that … Schedule, Live