For suitable effects loosen up your physique first by potential of taking a deep breath and exhaling then stay this unstressed. I am 35 and I am on day 2 of my tonsillectomy I also had tonsil stones the disgusting smelly ... that you would use for first aid on children. Do hospitals in England have living quarters for nurses and trainee doctors. i lost 6 kgs too good luck to everyone. Take them as they are prescribed and this will greatly cut down the pain you may experience.. I took my son to see an ear nose and throat doctor and sure enough his adenoids were very swollen, along with his tonsils. I feel so bad for him. Can’t really say which day has been the worst because almost everyday since surgery has been hell. He's struggling to sleep at all and I've never known him cry like this. It's been challenging. He was taking Tylenol with codeine and regular Tylenol. don’t eat forbidden things. i gave a dose every day for the first 3 days and my son was never constipated. I also sleep with a small blanket around my head and ears while the air and fan is on at night to keep the air from my ears and keep it over my mouth a little so it doesn’t dry it out too bad. He refused all meds at this point. He slept well the first night and I began to think that my son must really be one of the lucky ones. take pain med before. first few days stay on a cold and soft diet My son had T&A in Aug 2013 and for a few days we suffered as he refused to eat his medicine or drink anything. Alison, do you still follow this post. Required fields are marked *. chew nicely before swallowing. It worked well and now only gets Motrin when fussy. First day after surgery he was a superstar was his old self. Tonsillectomy Day 10 -Strep After Tonsillectomy? So incredibly calm and brave. My twin 3 1/2 year old boys are getting their tonsils and adenoids out in a few weeks on the same day!! My advice to all parents is before you go into this procedure, know as much as you can about the recovery. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. move to semi solids as soon as you can. Today is starting pretty rough! Best he’s slept in 7days. I write this in hopes to prepare parents for what their little will go through, but mostly for what they will go through. I knew I had to give him the medicine in order for him not to be in terrible pain and the only way I was able to do this was to hold him down and force it in his mouth while blowing in his face forcing him to swallow. This blog post is purely informative for parents who have children who will be receiving this procedure or even looking into it. My sons breath was bad, but not awful. ( Log Out /  The doctors have it set up that she will be in the ICU immediately following her surgery, and I’m not sure how well I will handle the ventilator that they say she will have to be on. I wait as long as I can but if he refuses his medicine I have to hold him down just to get it into him. 4. Alison, I am curious, did you ever hear anything more about whether your sons adenoids grew back? I wish so badly I could just give him an iv at home and iv meds myself. My legs were shaking. I noticed some bad breath but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I heard it would be. Thank you for posting your blog. Take at least a full week off of work! This has been the hardest 8 days I have had since having my son 2 years ago. He laid on the couch snuggled up watching movies, in and out of sleep. I was hoping we could wean him off the meds a little because he hadn’t had a bowel movement in 3-4 days and I knew this was due to the Lortab medication. Any chance they left gauze in his belly? Real struggle resulting in cries that lead to coughs and increased pain every 3hrs. I knew it was what needed to be done but it was the hardest thing in the world to watch. So did I but he was so fragile – with every movement he’d cough so horribly he couldn’t get air so my husband wanted to keep him home and try and keep him calm. So I put a cotton ball in both ears to help with the discomfort. Today he ate a little cereal and an oat biscuit and a few cheese puffs. I have been a nervous wreck with everything we have been going through lately and I realize that our situation isn’t a normal surgery case. I know I made the right decision for my son. It's as if nothing happened. My 20 month old is on day 3 post op for “shaving” T&A. The next day, as long as he was on his meds which we stayed on top of, he was normal. Left hospital last night. If you come near her with a medicine dropper she starts running helter skelter crying. He was eating and drinking-as long as we kept on top of the pain. She wakes up several times a night highly aggitaged, with no explanation, and last night was even trying to hit us when she woke up. not to mention there is only one very uncomfortable and cramped chair to sit in to hold my uncomfortable and groggy child. Waiting on calls back from the drs. Thankfully my dad had the good suggestion of elevating her mattress under her head, which actually did help a little. He has very large tonsils and it sick every month. Be prepared to offer liquids and foods all day long to a cranky child who will cry and refuse your offerings. When I really noticed it was when he was concentrating on something like say, watching a movie or coloring. This surgery is now less common, but it’s still necessary in many cases, for both children and adults.