Send an announcement to all online GM’s, displaying the name of the sender. Syntax: .wpgps Output current position to sql developer log as partial SQL query to be used in pathing. Syntax: .banlist $subcommand Type .banlist to see the list of possible subcommands or .help banlist $subcommand to see info on subcommands. Character pts pasemask update to same value. Download the client and get started. Syntax: .modify speed $speedtype #rate Modify the running speed of the selected player to “normal base run speed”= 1. Syntax: .gobject info [$object_entry] Query Gameobject information for selected gameobject or given entry.

Syntax: .gobject delete #go_guid Delete gameobject with guid #go_guid. If ‘all’ provided then all ranks unlearned.

Syntax: .cast dest #spellid #x #y #z [triggered] Selected target will cast #spellid at provided destination. Syntax: .character deleted old [#keepDays] Completely deletes all characters with deleted time longer #keepDays. Character can be ofline. Syntax: .server idlerestart cancel Cancel the restart/shutdown timer if any. If no player is selected, modify your energy. Syntax: .ban ip $Ip $bantime $reason Ban IP. Syntax: .reload spell_proc_event Reload spell_proc_event table. Syntax: .unban character $Name Unban accounts for character name pattern. If no player is selected, it will revive you. Syntax: .wp load $pathid Load pathid number for selected creature. You can use ‘.pinfo rep’ to list all known reputation ids, or use ‘.lookup faction $name’ to locate a specific faction id. Syntax: .character erase $name Delete character $name. Syntax: .quest complete #questid Mark all quest objectives as completed for target character active quest. Syntax: .reload achievement_reward Reload achievement_reward table. Syntax: .lookup area $namepart Looks up an area by $namepart, and returns all matches with their area ID’s. Syntax: .gm fly [on/off] Enable/disable gm fly mode. Syntax: .guild invite [$CharacterName] “$GuildName” Add player $CharacterName (or selected) into a guild $GuildName. Syntax: .reload command Reload command table. Syntax: .character changerace $name Change character race. .modify scale #scale Modify size of the selected player or creature to “normal scale”*rate. You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Syntax: .tele group#location Teleport a selected player and his group members to a given location. The following are growing, but probably an incomplete list: World of Warcraft Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Syntax: .learn all my class Learn all spells and talents available for his class. Syntax: .account create $account $password Create account and set password to it. Syntax: .honor $subcommand Type .honor to see the list of possible subcommands or .help honor $subcommand to see info on subcommands. Syntax: .distance Display the distance from your character to the selected creature. Syntax: .npc set entry $entry Switch selected creature with another entry from creature_template. Syntax: .character changefaction $name Change character faction. Syntax: .debug play sound #soundid Play sound with #soundid. In debug mode GM can start arena with single player. In that case, you just need to learn how to make your own wow private server, and then you can promote yourself to a GM on your World of Warcraft Server. Syntax: .reload locales_gameobject Reload locales_gameobject table. Syntax: .npc add temp Adds temporary NPC, not saved to database. #weathertype can be 1 for rain, 2 for snow, and 3 for sand. If $newname is set, the character will be restored with that name instead of the original one. Syntax: .groupsummon [$charactername] Teleport the given character and his group to you. Syntax: .ban account $Name $bantime $reason Ban account kick player. Character can be offline. Syntax: .ticket reset Removes all closed tickets and resets the counter, if no pending open tickets are existing.

Syntax: .go xyz #x #y [#z [#mapid [#orientation]]] Teleport player to point with (#x,#y,#z) coordinates at map #mapid with orientation #orientation. If #max_count not provided use 10 as default value. $bantime: negative value leads to permban, otherwise use a timestring like “4d20h3s”. Syntax: .learn all default [$playername] Learn for selected/$playername player all default spells for his race/class and spells rewarded by completed quests. #rate may range from 0.1 to 10. With `reset` sets player limit to the one in the config file. Syntax: .cheat casttime [on/off] Enables or disables your character’s spell cast times. Syntax: .reload locales_quest Reload locales_quest table. Here is a raw list of all slash commands in existence for the enUS client. Therefore, a list showing you exactly what each of the commands does might be handy for you. Syntax: .titles add #title Add title #title (id or shift-link) to known titles list for selected player. Syntax: .reset all spells Syntax: .reset all talents Request reset spells or talents (including talents for all character’s pets if any) at next login each existed character. If #orientation is not provided, the current orientation will be used. Syntax: .server info Display server version and the number of connected players. Syntax: .reload locales_creature_text Reload locales_creature_text Table. Syntax: .event start #event_id Start event #event_id. .go creature #creature_name Unassigns the specified ticket from the current assigned Game Master. . Use #exit_code or 2 as program exit code. If no player is selected, modify your speed. Syntax: .pdump write $filename $playerNameOrGUID Write character dump with name/guid $playerNameOrGUID to file $filename.

Syntax: .lookup tele $substring Search and output all .tele command locations with provide $substring in name. SYntax: .cometome $parameter Make selected creature come to your current location (new position not saved to DB).

Syntax: .reload npc_vendor Reload npc_vendor table. Without arguments, display the faction and flags of the selected creature. Syntax: .reload all npc Reload npc_option, npc_trainer, npc vendor, points of interest tables.

Does not add a new action. #rate may range from 0.1 to 50. Syntax: .account set $subcommand Type .account set to see the list of possible subcommands or .help account set $subcommand to see info on subcommands.

Syntax: .server plimit [#num|-1|-2|-3|reset|player|moderator|gamemaster|administrator] Without arg show current player amount and security level limitations for login to server, with arg set player linit ($num > 0) or securiti limitation ($num < 0 or security leme name. Syntax: .go object #object_guid Teleport your character to gameobject with guid #object_guid, Syntax: .go taxinode #taxinode Teleport player to taxinode coordinates. delay Changes the value delay Syntax: .lookup spell id #spellid Looks up a spell by #spellid, and returns the match with its spell name. Syntax: .additemset #itemsetid Add items from itemset of id #itemsetid to your or selected character inventory. Here is a raw list of all slash commands in existence for the enUS client.

If no player is selected, modify your speed. Syntax: .setskill #skill #level [#max] Set a skill of id #skill with a current skill value of #level and a maximum value of #max (or equal current maximum if not provide) for the selected character. You can look up zone using .lookup taxinode $namepart. #status can be 0 for disabled, and 1 for enabled. Character finally deleted in case any deleting options. #rate may range from 0.1 to 50. Syntax: .unmute [$playerName] Restore chat messaging for any character from account of character $playerName (or selected). In creature case state saved to DB and persistent. Syntax: .modify talentpoints #amount Set free talent points for selected character or character’s pet.