The autopsy points to a death between 10 and 21 days before their discovery. The children remember the 1995 gathering as a lot of fun, a sort of summer camp. At nightfall, they get together for the big event. To these pioneers, around twenty people from the Versailles and Breton aristocracies downgraded or on the fringes of modernity, she promises that they are the chosen ones who will escape the Apocalypse and participate in the renewal of the world. :-) He also often thinks of his little mother whom he loves dearly without forgetting Bm his savior! A procedure for concealment and violation of the secrecy of the investigation is carried out, but Bertram and Christine entered into a civil partnership on December 29, 2011. “This was asked of all the men,” says a former member today, who at the time did so. What gives me pause here are the preparations in family affairs. Question: In 1995, what was to happen? Who wants their brother to be a sociopath? Such imprecision is truly astonishing. Hi, I just came across this thread. The affair is based around the idea that Xavier Dupont killed his family before burying them. No analysis has compared this common DNA with that of Agnès Hodanger. He will be hiding out somewhere cursing the fact that this aired on Netflix. I still think he killed them and then either killed himself or disappeared through Italy. The family's affairs were taken care of prior to the murders/disappearance: The lease on the house had been terminated, The children's school received a final payment settlement, Agnès's employer was informed that she was suffering from gastroenteritis and then that she was moving to Australia, A message was placed on their letter box: "Please return all mail to sender. He is then asked about the Church of Philadelphia. Agents are deployed in the Var, others in La Manche with Bertram’s parents, and elsewhere. In the summer of 2019, two brothers who were brought up there also reported it again to Miviludes and filed a complaint against Geneviève and Christine, whom they accuse of “abuse of weakness in a state of psychological subjection;” in particular, the disappearance of the savings of their other brother and their parents, who belong or have belonged to the group. I've seen a lot of families in denial, but their theory is very next level denial! On July 26, 2011, at 5:45 a.m., a police lieutenant from the OCRVP, eight other members of the Versailles service or DRPJ, and a locksmith rang at the door of 50 rue du Maréchal-Foch. Cinq membres d'une même famille, les Dupont de Ligonnès, sont assassinés début avril 2011 ; leurs corps sont retrouvés le 21 avril 2011, dans leur maison nantaise. The autopsy seems botched. Answer: I am a Catholic. Destroyed the town they lived in. Anyway, I went digging around and found a blog that was created by Xavier's family (his sister, mother, and brother-in-law). So the extended family thinks the bodies are not those of the Dupont de Ligonn family? Then when his purpose is used up, dispose of the body and direct police suspicion. Geneviève answers questions about her son’s childhood but avoids the rest or plays the naïve. Christine and Bertram are the keepers - custodians and children of this great secret. They mention that on the day that the police found the bodies, there was a bucket and mop in the kitchen, and the mop was still wet. The two waiters remember Thomas feeling unwell near the end of the meal, and that Xavier and Thomas barely spoke to each other during the meal.