The R15 now gets a full makeover as it is in its 3rd generation. … could u fool us. There are only two colors on offer. It comes with drive-by-wire technology and variable valve actuation. If Yamaha r15 v3 black available in kolkata? On Yamaha R15 v3 you will get 155 .1 cc Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, Fi, 1-Cylinder, VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) Bs6 engine whose maximum power generates 18.6 Bhp @ 10,000 rpm generates and Maximum Torque at 14.1 Nm @ 8,500 rpm,This bike comes with 1-cylinder 6-speed gears, due to which the top speed of the bike is very good, in Yamaha R15 v 3 you get mileage of 35-45 km / l … The Yamaha R15 V3 has been launched finally after a lot of wait. There is also a fully digital instrument cluster. There is also a fully digital instrument cluster, Digital instrument console with display and LED backlight. Please tell me R15 v3 Lounched Date in delhi. Price: INR 119600. Please let me know when will this bike arrive in siliguri (West Bengal) I want to buy it after my ICSE board examination….I m very excited and hope this bike to launch as early as possible…. The Yamaha R15 V3 comes in totally new colours. Yamaha shall be offering a range of new features on the bike and this will be one of the major talking points. There shall be a bunch of features on offer too. Yamaha will be offering LEDs in tail lamp and even head lamp. The R15 V3 ABS will not be on offer initially, but it shall be added later, once the new norms come in. The engine has seen an improvement in power and chassis has become a tad lighter. The R15 has brought back Yamaha’s glory to a great extent. if you said that the yamaha yzf r15 is the best looking bike in india you wouldn t be entirely wrong. The new bike will attract many bikers who aspire for a fully faired racing machine. Yamaha R15 V3 Price in India, Launch Date, Top Speed, Images, Colours, Variants, Power, Mileage, ABS, Release Date, R15 V3 vs V2, R15 matte black Yamaha R15 is a benchmark of performance and quality in 150cc segment. There will be a major difference in the styling, engine tuning and even the comfort. The suspension set-up, quality of materials and even the features on offer will be a lot more than most of the 150-250cc bikes. The fuel tank has sharp lines and has a chiseled look. In September 2011, the second iteration, called v2.0, was released in India, and in April 2014 it was released in Indonesia. All the fields are required. It has been tuned for better in=gear performance as opposed to top speed, as that is what is of more significance in our riding conditions. The tyre width has been increased as the tyre now has a track of 100, while the rear gets 140. The 6-speed gearbox unit found in the R15S is similar to that of the R15 v2.0. taken from the dna of the global ... Top Speed: 78 mph. make the bike attrative and make expensive it doesnt matter. Your email address will not be published. Q. Just can’t wait for the launching date of the bikePlzzz inform me The launching date of the R15 v3 in karnataka, Could you please let me know the launch date in Gujarat, may i know the pre booking for Yamaha R15 V3 has started or not , I am really waiting to buy this bike , please revert us back Yamaha team.Regards. The engine will come mated to a six-speed gearbox. There is no matte black in indiaOnly racing blue and thunder grey are available, Pls release the r15 v3 in matte red in hyderabad…as soon as possible n pls inform me. The side indicators are located on a lower point.It gets chunky body cladding at the sides. Comment:when will be the black colour of r15 v3 launch, DEAR SIR/MADAM:When will the silver blue color will release in Chennai, Dear sir/madam,Is there any chance of releasing #matte black# in india, I want to buy this new r15 bike bcoz I love it and also lv u Yamaha for such great bikes, When the bike will come out in Mumbai say the fixed date, I want matte red and matte black was not available in Andhra Pradesh so please release this colours as soon as possible I am waiting to buy it. The R15 V3 now gets even quicker. Respect to website author, some good selective information. This new bike is expected to once again revive the sales of the R15, which has lately seen a dip in numbers. The fairing it top notch and carefully engineered. Yamaha R15 Top Speed is around 131 kmph. There is the split headlamp design with a tiny nose. This makes it look bigger, bold and stylish than ever. The new bike has better performance, handling and even an improvement in its ride handling, especially for the rear passenger. The rear will have a monoshock. Yamaha YZF-R15 v4 2020 mình đoán là anh em cũng đang rất tò mò về mẫu xe này, gần đây lộ lên thông tin Yamaha YZF-R15 v4 sắp ra mắt, điều này có chính xác hay chỉ là tin đồn. Enthusiasts are once again elated and the bike does look much more promising now. Respected: sir /mademI want r15 v3 black colour,but black colour is not available in market,is their any chance to release black colour?? When will be release abs system in India, sir. This 155cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled engine develops 19bhp of power and 15Nm of maximum torque. So, the performance will improve but the mileage should be similar. Still ask your local dealership for more options, R15v3 in Black clour in Gujarat valsad when it is launching please say, Sir could you please tell me when v3 matte black edition lauch in keralaVery argent for booking. The new V3 will have almost the same top speed like before. 3 month se soch RHA hu kb lunch Kroge India me pr avi v kuch PTA nhi chla toh plz sir ji black color lunch kro ABS k sth aur mujhe reply jarur krna lunch hoga v ya nhi agr nhi hoga pr v reply kr Dena Kyu ki kuch aur bike le lu kyu ki jada wait na kru and thank Q…. This is the Yamaha R15 V3, which has been launched after a lot of wait. A large windshield is seen here and headlamps have LED lamps along with daytime running LEDs. It has been launched and the deliveries have begun. In India, it also has a high brand appeal. 1015 Views 1 Answer. Black with a contrasting color like blue is going to be available. What does this new bike have on offer? Fully digital instrument cluster is being offered. Also Read: 2017 Pulsar RS200 Price, SpecificationsIndia spec spy image. There shall be assist and slipper clutch on offer but the ABS will be missing on this new bike. Black color chlti me h sir ji black ka age kuch nhi black color lunch toh KR k dekh lo India me 1st me hi lunga. The V3 gets a new look as it uses the R- Series Design . The R15 is quicker than bikes that are bigger. The suspension will be tuned better this time. In terms of mileage, there will not be much of a change. All these add on to the ability of the engine to perform better. The new R15 V3 looks absolutely stunning and has got sharp styling, that is expected from a Yamaha. It was believed that the bike will get inverted forks at the front, however, in order to keep costs low, Yamaha will be going in for regular telescopic forks for the Indian spec version. Yamaha R15 V3 Monster Energy BS4: Braking System: 2-Channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Current Status: Discontinued: Body Type: Sports: Fuel Type: Petrol: Price in India: Yamaha R15 V3 Monster Energy BS4 price was INR 1,42,780 before being discontinued. Hence, there shall be no change in the top speed. There are several new colour schemes, but the overall paints are the same. plz sir yamaha R15 v3 veri fist lunch india… wating i want to buy this bike. There is an a major difference amongst the two in offering. R15 V3 looks more aggressive than V2. Maate black caler rajasthan me kab aye ga. This is a very affordable bike that is quick also. I want r15 v3 black colour,bt black colour is not available in market,is their any chance to release black colour?? !When its launching Indiaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In images the bike looks big and mighty, in reality it does sit low. The tail lamps also have LEDs and the alloy wheels are body coloured. In January 2017, the third iteration of the bike, called v3.0, was launched in Indonesia. The ride quality is likely to be improved on the new bike. Street bike enthusiasts all over the country have a special place for this bike and have been the main reason for the success. Read further to know more. Unfortunately the bike yet does not come in black colour. fabulous man I loved it, Iam very much angry for the bike r15 v3 its fabulous man lvu it. It has the same engine capacity, but there has been an increase in its power output and torque too. I want a racing black in UTTAR PRADESH KANPUR NAGAR. This is what makes the difference in performance of the engine. Sir please tell me how much chance to ## mate black## colour launch in India???? Aare bhai kaab launch karo ge yrrBache ki jaan loge Kya.. damnnn superrr waitinggg!!!!!!!! Could you please let me know the launch date in Mumbai, may i know the pre booking for Yamaha R15 V3 has started or not , I am really waiting to buy this bike , please revert us back Yamaha team.RegardsA.Q. When matte black version of R15 v3 will be available in india….?? This is the company’s all new bike for the Indian market too. These colors make the bike look very appealing. A top speed of about 150km/hr is what this bike will have. It will be much improved over the outgoing model. India never had another 150cc motorcycle that could match the success of Yamaha’s lightweight racer.